About us

Zi Teng - Acorus Calamus is a plant with an extraordinarily tough and strong vitality. Their leaves and stems can be used for making ropes, baskets and many other household furniture. They grow and flourish, quietly and unnoticeably around houses corners, alongside with other wild grasses, and in the wind.

The selling of sex, one of the longest surviving professions in the world, has long been dismissed and discriminated against. Sex workers, with women the majority, have been deprived of their basic and rightful rights other workers in other professions are entitled to. They face the exploitation of the pimps, the sadistic torturing of the punters, not to mention the risk of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. They have been denied by the society at large, living a life with no dignity. Zi Teng is a non-governmental organization formed by people of different working experiences. They are social workers, labor activists, researchers specializing in women studies and church workers etc. who care and concern about the interest and basic rights of women.

We believe that all women, regardless of their profession, social classes, religion, or races, have the same basic human rights, that they are equal and entitled to fair and equal treatment in the legal and judicial system, that nobody should be oppressed against, that all people should live dignity.

Our partners:

Women from Hong Kong and China who work as sex workers.

Our Activities:

1. Outreach

Zi Teng will actively engaged in building contacts with sex workers, providing them information on health care services, their legal rights and other resources. We will also help them in networking and building up a mutual support system. We have a 24-hour paging system for cases of emergency.

2. Publication and audio- visual production

  • Many sex workers have little or no information in the legal and social services in Hong Kong. We will publish pamphlets and handouts providing them information on related resources, legal, health care and social services etc. These publications will help enhance their understanding of the possible risks and difficulties they will encounter in their workplace.
  • We will publish stories of sex workers. These are oral-her-stories of the sex workers themselves. They will enhance and improve the communications between sex workers, concerned groups and the society at large.
  • There will be video production on sex workers. They aim to provide a better understanding of the sex workers, their work and the situation these women are in.

3. Research

  • On the situation and needs of sex workers
  • On policies of other countries on sex workers
  • On sex workers and occupational health

4. Social education

  • Through researches and publications to change the attitude of the public on sex workers
  • Monitor related government policies and legislation
  • Provide information to and urge health authorities to pay more attention on health care needs of sex workers

Your support is much needed and appreciated.