Sex and Justice: Law and Policy

Content: Aiming to elimiate the suppressive laws that target at sex workers, we organize different activities includnig legal conference, publication of research rerport and pamphlets, to introduce both sex workers and the public to the outcomes and impact of decriminalizing sex work. In order to further pull different stakeholders to discuss the issue, we have the new publication "Sex Work and Justice: Law and Policy", where we put Dr Andy Chiu Man Chung's research on 'the Desexualization of Law'. We also put in the book the comparative study of sx work law and policy from Australia, Holland, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, China and Taiwan.

Publisher: Zi Teng (2009)
Price: HKD $88

Two-way secrets: life stories of twelve sex workers from Mainland China

Content: The newest publication by Zi Teng in 2006. It provides the life stories and experiences of twelve Mainland Chinese women, who come to work in the sex industry in Hong Kong.

Publisher: Zi Teng (2006)

Price: HKD $50

1st Hong Kong Sex Workers’ Film Festival Special Edition

Sex workers, with their glamour, enchantment, strength, and specialty, are enthusiastic to film and present us the stories about their own life and body – Do you really understand what is sex/uality? Please listen to the sexperts. We are proud to present you the 1st Hong Kong sex workers’ film festival, the one and only Chinese sex workers’ film festival!
In this special edition, you will find the basic info and film reviews of the films in our film festival. You will also be surprised by the number of Hong Kong sex workers films in the past 50 years.

Publisher: Zi Teng

Price: HKD $30

My Life---A photo album with 'sex workers photographing their own life/work'.

Content: Participated by 40 sex wokrers, with 30 of them eventually displaying their pictures, many people are moved. What is touching, is that sex workers photograph their own life and describe their own work. What is touching, is that they have their say on what can be displayed and what cannot be displayed. What is touching, is that everything about them is shown in front of us unpretentiously.

Price: $150

相關活動︰我的性活 - 性工作者攝影展