The 54th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
We have come to the 13th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. During 2015, sex workers not only face the violence and rights violation from some frontline police officers, clients and criminals, they also meet the District Council Election. Whenever there is election, sex workers will be raided. There is no exception this year. Sex workers are one of the targets in the police operations, as if they are the dirty spot that can damage the whole society, which should be removed especially during some big events. Several street-based sex workers came to us, telling us how they were ‘kindly reminded’ by some police officers not to work in the streets during the District Council Election. There were also police officers standing at the building entrance, seriously checking the identity card of sex workers’ clients. They only aimed to scare away the clients and they could then get rid of the complaints of either the District Councilors or the community.

When will the public genuinely see sex workers as one of their members and judge them without prejudice? As long as sex workers get off work, they may just be one of our family members, friends or neighbor. To the candidates, have you even thought that sex workers may also be one voter, who can give her/his vote to you?

  ▶  The 54th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter