The 65th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
We often hear sex workers complaining about candid camera. They also complain to us how these video clips are put on the Internet. Not only local Hong Kong people make these video clips, many of them are tourists as well.

Several months ago, sex workers who worked in the same building told us that they were videotaped and the video clips were put on one popular website. They were worried that their family would find out they work in the sex industry. They also feared that their family would be discriminated or insulted. We tried to contact the person who uploaded the video clips, explained to them how sex workers were affected by the clips. Luckily, the uploaders in overseas showed understanding, and they replied they would remove the clips. A few days later, we could not find their video clips on the website. Sex workers were a bit relieved.

Nevertheless, as technology develops, most people know how to record videos with mobile, and spy tech advances as well, sex workers are more vulnerable to candid camera. From the following complaints we received from sex workers in the past 4 months, we can see that many of them were about candid camera. Facing candid camera, apart from teaching sex workers how to protect them, and increasing their understanding about using mobile, our biggest hope is that the government can pass the voyeurism law as soon as possible. It will then increase the risks of voyeurism. The law enforcement groups can also take the right action to stop the voyeurist, and sex workers work with fewer worries as well.

Below is the number of complaints about violence from sex workers in the past 4 months.

Police violence/abuse
Physical Assault1 case
Free massage service before arrested6 cases
Force/coax into signing the statement4 cases
Verbal threat and insult5 cases
Obstructing the course of justice3 cases
Deprived of Basic rights1 case
Neglect of duty4 cases

Client/criminal violence
Condom removed1 case
Denial of payment22 cases
Candid camera99 cases
Theft70 cases
Robbery12 cases
Counterfeit Note30 cases
Police Imposter35 cases
Physical assault18 cases

  ▶  The 65th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter