The 68th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter

Every year, we work with different local institutions to provide internship for the students. We aim to let students find out the story and experiences of sex workers through direct interaction with sex workers.

However, because of COVID-19 this year, we had to postpone the internship program. We also had to cut down their outreach hour so as to reduce the risk of getting infected during outreach. In this case, students not only have fewer chances to meet and talk to sex workers, it is also difficult to achieve the aim of internship program, that is to let students understand the real picture of the sex industry.

Though we tried to reschedule the working hours of the students so that they have more opportunities to talk to sex workers, we admit that students do not really have much time to talk to sex workers. We have to apologize to the lecturers coordinating the internship and the students participating in these programs.

At the same time, we realize we should develop special work plan for emergency situations like current pandemic. We can then minimize the influences on our partner institutions and students. Also, sex workers will be less affected by the suspension of our services.

  ▶  The 68th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter