Zi Teng and JJJ Association has launched the ‘voter registration campaign’. We not only will push sex workers to register as voter, we will also ask every sex worker to push her family and people she knows to do the voter registration and give vote to those caring for sex workers’ rights. Besides, we will try to mobilize everyone related to the sex industry, and those caring about sex workers’ rights, such as clients, volunteers, flat owners, to do the registration. With their votes, those caring for sex workers’ rights can then sit on the policy/law-making level and provide further support for sex workers. We sincerely hope that there will be more people from different political groups and parties caring for sex workers’ interests and basic rights. A few days ago, we went to the Registration and Electoral Office with sex workers, to give them back the registration forms. We preliminarily collected more than 50 forms. We aloo took 2000 forms more at the Registration and Electoral Office, so that we could further continue our campaign.