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Zi Teng is a non-governmental organization formed by people of different working experiences. They are social workers, labor activists, researchers specializing in women studies and church workers etc. who care and concern about the interest and basic rights of women.

We believe that all women, regardless of their profession, social classes, religion, or races, have the same basic human rights, that they are equal and entitled to fair and equal treatment in the legal and judicial system, that nobody should be oppressed against, that all people should live dignity. ......[more]

2016-12-21: Newsletter - Issue No. 57
2016-12-17: Statement on the 14th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2016-08-25: Newsletter - Issue No. 56
2016-04-21: Newsletter - Issue No. 55
2015-12-22: Newsletter - Issue No. 54
2015-12-17: Statement on the 13th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2015-08-21: Newsletter - Issue No. 53
2015-04-16: Newsletter - Issue No. 52
2014-12-21: Newsletter - Issue No. 51
2014-12-17: Statement on the 12th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2014-09-28: Newsletter - Issue No. 50
2014-06-18: Newsletter - Issue No. 49
2014-04-10: Newsletter - Issue No. 48
2013-12-26: Newsletter - Issue No. 47
2013-12-18: Zi Teng Statement on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2013-09-26: Newsletter - Issue No. 46
2013-06-27: Newsletter - Issue No. 45
2013-03-28: Newsletter - Issue No. 44
2012-12-21: Newsletter - Issue No. 43
2012-10-02: Newsletter - Issue No. 42
2012-06-23: Newsletter - Issue No. 41
2012-04-13: Newsletter - Issue No. 40
2011-12-30: Newsletter - Issue No. 39
2011-12-18: Protest against the Police¡¦s Relapse into Abuses of Power and False Accusations
2011-10-03: Newsletter - Issue No. 38
2011-07-06: Newsletter - Issue No. 37
2011-03-31: Newsletter - Issue No. 36
2010-12-29: Newsletter - Issue No. 35
2010-12-27: International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers
2010-12-27: International Human Rights Day 2010
2010-12-05: World AIDS Day: Rights to (Use) Condoms, Safe Sex to Sex Workers
2010-09-28: Newsletter - Issue No. 34
2010-07-01: Newsletter - Issue No. 33
2010-05-02: Report to the Office of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants
2010-05-02: Situation of Human Trafficking in Hong Kong
2010-04-08: Newsletter - Issue No. 32
2009-12-26: Zi Teng response to the DAB compensated dating research (the third phrase)
2009-12-26: Newsletter - Issue No. 31
2009-12-18: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2009-12-08: Human Rights Day Declaration ¡Ð Demand the Police to Learn again how to Respect Human Rights and Fairly Treat Sex-workers
2009-12-02: A Declaration of Stopping the Use of Condoms as evidence in court by Zi Teng and Midnight Blue on the World AIDS Day
2009-09-23: Newsletter - Issue No. 30
2009-08-08: What is Enjo-Kosai?
2009-06-25: Newsletter - Issue No. 29
2009-06-01: Zi Teng and Migrant Support Network Position paper on the "International Convenetion on the Elimination of ALl Forms of Racial Discrimination"
2009-04-24: About Migrant Sex Workers/Trafficking
2009-03-29: Newsletter - Issue No. 28
2009-02-05: Joint statement of Zi Teng and JJJ Association in regards to the arrest of murderer
2008-12-23: Newsletter - Issue No. 27
2008-12-19: Migrant Support Network - Statement on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2008
2008-12-18: Zi Teng mourning ceremony on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2008-12-17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2008-12-01: World AIDS Day: Remove Condom = Rape, Don¡¦t challenge the law
2008-11-20: Three years since Lin Yuen Yee was wrongly accused and committed suicide
2008-11-20: Zi Teng demands to stop all torture and inhuman treatment towards sex workers
2008-09-02: Newsletter - Issue No. 26
2008-07-23: Ziteng statement regarding to the Legco Discussion over One-woman brothel law
2008-07-17: Zi Teng and JJJ Association   Progress on Fundraising for Panic Alarm
2008-07-04: Sex workers walking for General Election
2008-05-27: Newsletter - Issue No. 25
2008-05-03: Protest on Labor Day
2008-04-21: Zi Teng and JJJ Association mobilize sex workers supporter to do voter registration
2008-04-10: Ziteng and Hong Kong Unison - Joint Declaration about the Marginalization of Sex workers and Racial Minorities
2008-04-01: Thanks for your support in signing the JJJ Association petition and the statement of Zi Teng on protecting sex workers' privacy
2008-04-01: JJJ Association and Zi Teng - Fund-raising for the victims in the serial killings and panic-alarm system for one-woman brothels
2008-03-20: Signature campaign: promise to stop disclosing sex workers' identity and privacy
2008-03-20: Real action is needed to ensure the safety of sex worekrs, not just police posturing
2008-03-19: Protest against Repeated Hypocrisy of Police
2008-03-17: Appeal to groups and individuals for joinint the petition from Zi Teng and JJJ Association
2008-03-12: Newsletter - Issue No. 24
2008-02-25: JJJ Association celebraion party
2008-02-21: Trades Union Congress (Britain): "Tackling Trafficking through Workers' Rights"
2008-01-15: World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights
2008-01-15: Sex workers need Full Democracy
2008-01-10: Release of 'Sex!!! Fun' - Sex Education Magazine for Adults
2008-01-10: Further Networking and Monitoring the Police Abuse of Power with Local Groups
2008-01-03: Council of Europe: Prostitution - which stance to take?
2008-01-02: Hong Kong People's Forum 2007 - Stories of Struggles of the Marginalized Groups
2007-12-25: Zi Teng statement regarding to how the police accusation and threats to flat owners eradicate sex workers.
2007-12-18: March on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2007
2007-12-18: About Sex Worker Incarceration in China
2007-12-17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2007-12-14: Please join us in the 2007 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Protest.
2007-12-11: Zi Teng statement regarding to how the police treat the people being kept in custody
2007-12-11: Zi Teng statement regarding to the Independent Police Complaints Council Bill
2007-12-11: International Rights Day
2007-12-01: World AIDS Day -- One Person One Condom Campaign
2007-11-30: 2007 Election of the 10 most cruel violation of sex workers¡¦ human rights
2007-11-19: Zi Teng statement -- Against Police approval of the receipt of hand job service during undercover operations
2007-11-17: Newsletter - Issue No. 23
2007-11-17: Decriminalization of Sex Work -- The Chapter of Law
2007-11-17: Decriminalization of Sex Work -- The Chapter of Misconceptions
2007-10-10: The Second Year after Li Yuen Yee¡¦s Death
2007-09-01: Supporting Labor organizations and Metal Workers
2007-08-26: Newsletter - Issue No. 22
2007-07-16: Case Conference at Legislative Council on sex workers¡¦ complaints against police
2007-06-29: No feeling about handover   evil police raid on sex workers
2007-06-29: One-person-one-letter campaign against police extensive raids on one-apartment women
2007-06-29: Press Conference on June 28
2007-06-29: the Second Hong Kong Sex Culture Festival
2007-06-29: Queer-I@3.8 and teenager sex education workshop at WAREHOUSE
2007-05-31: Men's group
2007-05-20: Newsletter - Issue No. 21
2007-05-13: 1st anniversary of the Coroner¡¦s Court hearing on Li Yuen-yee Incident
2007-05-08: Respect Working Rights for Migrant Workers, Treat Migrant Sex-workers as Humans
2007-05-03: Re: Security Bureau¡¦s supplementary information on police-undercover operations against vice activities
2007-05-03: Police undercover operations for vice activities
2007-03-23: Stop All Frame-up for Street Sex-Workers   Appeal to Police¡¦s Vexatious Arrest of Street Sex-Workers and Tourists
2007-03-10: Wonderful Sex -- sex education workshop (in May 2007)

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2007-03-05: Newsletter - Issue No. 20
2007-02-10: China Column has been added
2007-02-03: To all journalists and program producers: please respect sex workers!
2006-12-20: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Worker
2006-12-15: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
2006-12-4: International AIDS Day ---- Condoms necessary to prevent AIDS, Police please stop interfering us wear condoms
2006-11-17: Newsletter - Issue No. 19
2006-11-8: 1st anniversary of the Li Yuen-yee Incident Publication of investigation result to Li¡¦s family Restore the deceased to reputation.
2006-11-8: Response from Zi Teng ¡V Suppression of sex workers¡¦ film festival by the law enforcement department
2006-10-9: ¡§The Ins and Outs of Sex Work and the Law¡¨ ¡VExploring the legal frameworks in different countries

[ Detail ]
2006-09-21: Two-way secrets: Press Conference on Mainland sex workers¡¦ current situation
2006-09-18: Protest against journalists¡¦ voyeurism and investigation on sex workers statement
2006-08-23: Protest against suppression on sex workers¡¦ film festival
2006-07-14: 1st Hong Kong Sex Workers' Film Festival

2006-06-16: Appeal to the Hong Kong Government to comply with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Stop all violence against sex workers
2006-06-16: CAPO statement of Li Yuen Yee
2006-05-17: Police Not Regretful in persecuting Sex Workers
2006-05-02: Police abusing power persecuting sex workers
2006-05-02: Letter to Hong Kong from Li Yuen-yee¡¦s family
2005-12-17: Respect the human rights of sex workers. Stop any kind of Violence against sex workers
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